Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i Cannes hardly stand it

it can go one way or the polar opposite with these two it seems.  they are both GORGEOUS, talented and charitable beyond reason.  (insert the word "ridiculously" if you feel so inclined)  one could hate them for it.  i choose love my dears.  since i seem to be very much on the topic of love today - let's just keep going there.  i am really loving Angie's return to black.  that is the way i fell for her years ago.  dark and mysterious.  it's a bit of a stretch to call Versace "mysterious" but let's just roll with it.  she looks fab.  and he holds up his end of the stick.  honestly.  in the spirit of the day let's raise our glasses.  TO LOVE!  and to looking super hot being in love!  OUI!

Cannes you feel the love tonight....

i cannot even begin to describe how upset i was at the ending and possible ramifications thereof of the last episode of Fringe this season.  and so i am comforting myself here with pictures of Pacey at Cannes.  i know that dear Joshua Jackson probably hates that and i am sorry.  i love him and don't mean to pigeon-hole him, but it's just so perfect...  all that aside - let's just look at the AMAZE gorgeousness that is Diane Kruger.  mind boggling.  sure it would be nice to have Calvin Klein custom make your dress - but i dare you to wear it like this.  this woman is phenomenal.  (and her hair is so super fantastic i want to scream) --- ok,so we love us some Kruger.  but just for a moment back to Pacey... look how in love he looks gazing at her. if that doesn't melt your heart, i suggest you may be made entirely of stone in the chestular region.   in a word, to describe these pics: LOVE. 

ps i am so sorry to you all - most of all Elton John for the PUNishing title of this blog.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

oh and ps

"just threw on this stunning Marchesa to walk the red carpet".    i feel bad for all the other people in the movie... this big premiere at Cannes and everyone is thinking (or even saying) MOVE so i can see RACHEL.   

Cannes you believe it?

it's that time of year once more.  Cannes Film Festival time.  by the mere geography of it, it is SO much more stylish an event than the other festivals.  it always seems that the South of France je ne sais quoi rubs off on the stars attending, and they look more relaxed and gorge than usual...  there are a few ladies i'm a bit excited to see - Ms. Jolie bien sur,and Diane Kruger is a new pet fave...but i will keep mine eyes out for anyone who's looking great...  ici on day one - and in fact the opening film, Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris (woody, rachel, owen wilson, paris.  OUI i will see this!!) Rachel McAdams, a long time girl crush of mine - is looking particularly adorbs in Maxime Simoens.  and so we begin our Cannes Cannes my dears...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

met-tastic once more

ah the annual party we wish we were invited to.   the Met Gala is always a visual feast - the who's who of  who's fabulous...  last night was no exception.  fittingly, as there is an Alexander McQueen exhibit now open at the Met (yes, you bet your booties i'll be going and blogging about it), lots of ladies wore McQueen, including SJP and Karen Elson.  Stella McCartney also held up strong in the showings, my favorite look being Rihanna, ROCKing a one shoulder black lace number. Blake Lively looked fab in Chanel (so much better standing alone rather than next to Karl.  genius as he is, he always looks a bit like he just finished drinking a bucket of crazy).  Nicole Richie looked retro glam in vintage - the detailing on the sleeves is beyond amazing.  zoom in and delight....  there were loads of lovelies, but i think i have to give my favorite of the evening to Jessica Alba in Ralph Lauren.  she looked absolutely stunning, like a princess in ethereal gold.  just perfection.  (kudos to Brad Goreski, who styled her).   now that the party is over and all the afters cleaned up, time to run-not-walk and see the McQueen exhibit!  that's a Met Gala we can all share!!

love is in the air

first and foremost - terribly sorry about the delay in posting on this!  hopefully you all read my ponderings and musings on twitter and tumblr, as i was much more connected on those during the "up at 5am to watch a wedding" time frame!!!  (and in all honesty - plugged in more to them in general recently...)  ok - now that the apols are out of the way let's get right to it, shall we? 

any one who knows me AT ALL in any way knows just how rare it is that i will rouse myself from bed at 5 am.  i do not take to morning very kindly.  also,  though i am British to the very core of me, i didn't really get all too caught up in the pre-wedding fervor.  of course i was excited and couldn't wait to see all the pomp and circumstance that my people do so well, i was just not interested in the pre-game.  BUT come friday morning, april 29, i was up and ready.  coffees at the ready, my sister-in-law and i sat on the couch GLUED to the telly.  (ps thank you for waking me so gently H).  from moment one of glimpsing Wills and Harry drive out in their car, i was swimming in it. this is truly the thing of fairy tales.  every last detail was perfect.  Catherine choosing to wear Alexander McQueen was spot on perfect.  the dress, designed by Sarah Burton (who shares a name with my niece) was one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen.  not many of us girls have the option to have our "something borrowed" be a vintage Cartier tiara from our mum-in-law, Her Majesty the Queen.  but if one can, one should, i say.  Wills was stunning in his Irish Guard uniform, every inch the dashing Prince.  maid of honor Pippa and best man Harry stood their own ground, which was not an easy task, considering.  Pippa's dress also falls squarely into the category of "one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen" and was also from McQueen. (huzzah to you Middleton girls!)  she looked drop dead amazing.  the whole thing was just glorious and beautiful.  there are too many moments to detail each one, but the moment that started the tear drops really coming for me was when William first got to see his bride, his wife, his Princess, his Queen, and he mouthed the words "you look beautiful".   that took this huge spectacle, as beautiful and full of history past and future as it was, and scaled it all back to what it is truly about.  a man and woman who love each other, made a vow, and will now spend their lives together.  i love England, i love things royal, i love the history and the pomp, but most of all i love love.  may you live happily ever after Prince William and Princess Catherine.